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The 11 February which is the National Youth day in Cameroon is celebrated every year. This year 2024 is the 58th edition with the theme “ Youth, Import Substitution and Economy Patriotism for Cameroon’s development.” The teachers and pupils of Saint Eugene de Mazenod school Complex of Maroua embody this as they are preparing for this event.

The Origin of the National youth day in Cameroon

For starters, the timeline of youth day in Cameroon started when Northern and Southern Cameroon chose sides. By 1966, the Cameroonian federal government had recognized the west Cameroon festival as a national holiday. On this special day, we urge all youths, especially those of the Saint Eugene De Mazenod School Complex of Maroua in all of their amazing diversity, to take meaningful steps to promote peace and contribute to the advancement of their communities. They are called to learn the skills needed for life and success in the future economy.

Saint Eugene De Mazenod school Complex and the Activities of the Preparation of the National youth day in Cameroon

               The zeal of the pupils of Saint Eugene de Mazenod complex concerning the event started in January . Teachers and pupils of De Mazenod put efforts to come out with a successful achievement. After the bilingualism day, the youth day followed. A whole week (5th-11th February) was considered to be the youth week. Close to the event (5th-8th) each day in school pupils were brought to the school compound and out for match practice.


              The Kaïgama’s Public School had the opportunity to launch the youth day week (1st February 2024). Saint Eugene of Mazenod was one of the schools that had the opportunity to show their various activities ( dance, theater, poetry). To avoid a crowded place and to bring all the pupils, only those who were part of the activities were brought to the Kaïgam’s Public school accompanied by their teachers. In the same light, a ceremony was held at foyer des jeunes of Domayo on 7th February 2024. Saint Eugene de Mazenod did not hesitate to show their performance in front of the other schools.


             The parade dress rehearsal was held on the 9th of February 2024. The zeal, anxiety, joy and excitement were easily visible in the eyes of the pupils who were really excited to compete in front of the senior divisional officer .


Saint Eugene De Mazenod School Complex of Maroua that is nursery, primary and high school were part of the competing schools. As usual the nursery schools of Maroua I were the first to compete. Saint Eugene nursery school was ranked 4th out of 5 schools. The public primary schools followed before the private ones. Saint Eugene was ranked 9th.


In preparation for this national youth day (11th February 2024), all in all, fourteen (14) secondary schools of Maroua  (both private and public) competed. College polyvalent private Catholic bilingual, Saint Eugene waited for eleven (11) schools to perform before having the floor to perform in front of the senior divisional officer.


Saint Eugene De Mazenod Maroua did not hesitate to show the public how good they are and how important the 11th February is. Errors made by the pupils and students were corrected by the various teachers in order to do better on the actual Cameroon national youth day, that is, 11th of February 2024. The day ended at the foyer des jeunes of Domayo with some few people who presented dances and some who participated in quizzes.



One can conclude that the youth day in Cameroon can be understood as a national ritual that seeks to align young citizens with ideas of nation-building, national unity and responsible citizenship. Parades,folklore dances , singing and sports competition by youth have become staple activities that mark Cameroon's annual youth day. Saint Eugene De Mazenod school of Maroua shares the same vision of building a better Nation.Their commitment in the different activities concerning the youth day is a proof of that.




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